Tapomoy Bhattacharjee (He/Him/His)
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Assistant Professor, National Centre for Biological Sciences
Affiliated Faculty, The Center for the Physics of Biological Function, Princeton University

Tapa received his B.E. degree in chemical engineering from Jadavpur University in 2012 and earned his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida in 2018. During his graduate work, Tapa studied cells in jammed microgels and received the 2019 Award for Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Research in Biological Physics from the American Physical Society. His postdoctoral work at Princeton University was supported by a distinguished postdoctoral fellowship from the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.

Tapa was born and raised in Kolkata where he lived for 22 years before moving to Gainesville, Florida in 2012. After spending 3 years in Princeton Tapa has moved back to Bengaluru in search of good weather.

Sreepadmanabh M
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Ph.D Student

Sree received a BS-MS Dual Degree in Biological Sciences from IISER Bhopal in 2021. His MS thesis work was on the SARS CoV-2, which resulted in the discovery of a novel function for the virus' nucleoprotein. An ex-KVPY Fellow, he has previously worked at IISc. on developing a microfluidic setup to model ovarian cancer metastasis. He was also a member of the 2019 silver medalist and mentor for the 2021 bronze medalist IISER-B teams at the International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) Competition. 

An army brat, he spent most of his childhood shifting schools and avoiding sports. Formerly an intrepid debater and moderately successful quizzer/quizmaster, the graduate school version of Sree has realigned his priorities towards a zealous (almost academic!) interest in classic rock, private socio-political commentary, and scouting the most budget-friendly pubs in Bangalore.

Nandhu Krishna Babu

Ph.D Student

Nandhu received a BS-MS Dual Degree in Physical Sciences from IISER Bhopal in 2021. He did his MS thesis work under the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. An ex-INSPIRE Fellow, he has done internship on Baryon Acoustic Oscillations in Cosmology. He got an aptitude for multidisciplinary research which is evident from his attitude of shifting research domains.

Nandhu was born and brought up in Vaikom, Kerala. He is passionate about history. He loves to read, listen to music and travel.

Mridul Gautam

Project Associate

Mridul received a B.Tech in Biotechnology from Jaipur National University in 2023. During his undergraduate dissertation at CSIR-CCMB, Mridul investigated the role of the CITED-1 gene in colorectal cancer using transgenic knock-in murine models, and  contributed to pre-clinical research on Curcumin as a therapeutic regimen for colorectal cancer using nanotechnology in knock-out murine models. His primary interest lies in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying   pathophysiological   disorders,   with   the   goal   of   developing   effective therapeutic interventions. In his leisure time, Mridul enjoys sketching, playing sports, and occasionally indulging in parody. 

Gokulnath Ganesan

Project Associate

Gokul did his undergraduate work in Chemical engineering at IIT Madras. He received the Khorana fellowship (2023), which supported his research on Carbohydrate Binding Modules at Rutgers University. Through his undergrad years, he has tried quite a few things like recycling wind turbine blades, growing bacteria in squishy gels and cooking sambhar under 30 minutes (very unsuccessfully). You can easily impress him with stories of your tryst with new biotechnological capabilities. Having spent most of his childhood in Chennai, Gokul enjoys the cool weather of Bengaluru when he is at NCBS.  


Saheli Dey
Graduate Trainee
Currently Graduate Student at the Universität Göttingen

Saheli completed her Bachelor’s degree from St.Xavier’s College (Kolkata) in the field of Microbiology. During this course, she was involved in two project works, which were presented at recognized conferences. Recently, she graduated from Ballygunge Science College (University of Calcutta), pursuing her Master’s in Biotechnology. Her academic interests include Microbiology and Cancer Genetics.

Saheli was raised in Kolkata, West Bengal. She is passionate about travelling, cooking, painting, and photography. She is also a cynophilist.

Kiruthika Kumar

Currently Graduate Student at EPFL, Lausanne

Kiruthika earned her BS-MS degree from IIT Madras   in   biological   sciences   with   specialization   in   biomedical   sciences. She  is   a   recipient   of   KVPY   fellowship   2016.   Her   interests   lie   in understanding infectious diseases by integrating immunology, biomaterials and computational modelling approaches. 

Kiruthika   was   born   and   brought   up   in   Chennai.   Her   hobbies   include cycling,   playing   badminton   and   sketching.   She   is   an   anime   enthusiast too!! She is popularly known as “Lab Butterfly” among her colleagues.

Meenakshi  Ganesh
MS Thesis student, IISER Mohali

Meenakshi was a MS Thesis student in the lab. She did her thesis work on 'Exploring the impact of three-dimensional confinement on bacterial growth dynamics'. Meenakshi received her BS-MS dual degree in biological sciences from IISER Mohali in 2024.

Suman  Dutta
Suman was a graduate trainee in the lab. He received his B.Tech degree in mechanical engineering from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology in 2021 after completing his schooling from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia in 2017. During his bachelor’s dissertation, he studied surface tension driven flow displacement in capillary tube at NIT Durgapur. He was rewarded with Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means fellowship throughout his undergraduate course. Suman was also a HPF scholar during 2017-’21.

Suman was born and brought up in Bankura before joining NCBS, Bangalore. He is broadly interested in interdisciplinary research work. Because of his diverse research interest, he ends up engaging in one topic to other. Suman has got diverse interest in literature and travelling in leisure time.